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IT Security Assessment Services

Comprehensive, Accurate, and Independent Security Assessments

Our assessment strategy rests on basic requirements for system and network security. There are certain
characteristics that the network should possess:

Security Policy. Networks should have an associated defined security policy that specifies
information security requirements (e.g., confidentiality, integrity, availability, auditing, access
control, etc.) as well as what users may and may not do on the network (e.g., what constitutes
unauthorized and illegal activities).
Network Management. Networks should be able to control access to and detect modifications of
critical components. Networks must maintain control over their configuration (e.g., hardware,
software, security, etc.) and connectivity.
Identification and Authentication. Networks should provide and manage identification and
authentication functions.
Resources Management. Networks should provide and manage confidentiality, integrity, access
control, and availability of network resources.
Account Management. Networks should provide and manage security-related features of network
accounts (e.g., user).


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