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Enterprise design, interaction, & consolidation

Since pervasive network access depends upon an architectural approach, technology selection should be based upon a vendor’s ability to deliver enterprise coverage, open standards, and expandability. Rapier is one consultant firm that fits these needs.

Rapier will focus on your organization’s Business Needs and develop the best business strategy process for you business. Rapier’s application and network infrastructure architecture concepts are built on:

  • Tier levels
  • Relationships between customer stakeholders, business goals, business actors, and business use-cases
  • Going from business analysis to system modeling
  • Creating user interaction use-cases and system use-cases
  • Modeling user concepts
  • Links between business needs, user needs, and customers needs

Rapier knows these processes are not easy to build on since Rapier has the experience, knowledge, and wisdom to be able to provide your organization with:

  • Plan for a Virtual Enterprise
  • Be Aware of the Hidden Integration Foil
  • Describe Business Processes Succinctly
  • Leverage Standards
  • Anticipate Change with Adaptive Infrastructure
  • Think Integration Platform, Not Integration Applications
  • Develop good workflow design utilizes large-grain interfaces to exchange complex information between your organization and your client’s
  • Pulling It All Together as a Team

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