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Program / Project Management

Rapier Solution’s Project Management Professionals (PMP) use Six Sigma™ systematic quality programs to make our services more efficient. Our consultants carefully dissect and analyze our client’s business objectives, using this information to construct five stages of program development. Stage details are outlined before work begins. In addition, our customers are notified when stages are complete. Project stages are outlined as follows:

  • Initiation
  • Planning and Development
  • Production or Execution
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Closing


During the initiation process, Rapier Professionals develop a cohesive and practical plan to meet our clients’ objectives. We analyze our customer’s business needs, set measurable goals, review current operations, and produce a general budget. In addition, we identify support personnel, predict costs and deliverables, and set a schedule for completion. Additionally, a program manager is established, charged with implementing exact client needs. Project managers serve as the bridge between Rapier contractors and clients, ensuring key issues such as cost, time, quality, and, above all, client satisfaction are realized.

Planning and Development
After the initiation stage, a small prototype of the final product is tested. Controls are set to ensure that the final product meets the project charter. The prototype also ensures that computing systems work as intended and can be produced within time and budget constraints.

Execution consists of completing work as defined in the project management plan. Rapier Management professionals coordinate people and resources, assuring that projects are completed in accordance with the project management plan.

Monitoring and Controlling
During the Monitoring and Controlling stage, Rapier specialists observe installed technologies, identifying corrective actions to properly address potential issues and risks. Project Management specialists provide clients with records of our services. If major changes are introduced, PMP’s assure that initial projects goals and targets are still met.

During the closing stage, Rapier specialists ensure that the goals outlined during the initiation stage are met. All open items are resolved. Projects are finalized upon customer satisfaction.

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