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As Government organizations struggle to find the right talent to keep pace with demands, Rapier work’s to drive efficiency and organizational transformation.  Organizational leaders need to have the right teams in place to get the job done. To keep projects and initiatives moving forward, innovative companies use Rapier staff to supplement their contracts and projects with the talent they need but don’t have.

Find your dream team

As people transition and projects evolve, Rapier helps keep your organization moving forward by providing highly qualified candidates with precise skills to get the job done. One size doesn’t fit all, so we work efficiently to understand the goals and direction of our clients to quickly fulfill talent requirements with the right resources. Rapier helps you add the right people at the right time, from a single contractor to a team of experts with a wide range of staffing solutions that will help you achieve mission goals on target and within budget.

Talent Now: As a preferred vendor for large and mid-size enterprises, we focus on people, processes and tools for success. Our local recruiting team understands your requirements, knows how to identify the right candidates and quickly presents vetted talent to you.

Strategic: When specific skills are difficult to find, Rapier’s background as a consulting-services company helps us fill key roles for you. Our partnerships and our dedicated practices enable Rapier to help you stay current with the ever-changing technical landscape and provide the talent your organization needs now and in the future.