Application Development

Our expertise and extensive knowledge of programming frameworks allows for the rapid development of application designed to meet your organizations’ goals. With a team focus on security related issues, we also ensure accessibility compliance, responsive design, and cross browser capabilities.

Information Assurance

Rapier Solutions shields businesses from mainframe hackers and viruses while ensuring system availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation. Rapier’s IA process begins with pinpointing informational assets in need of protection. Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) then perform risk assessments, considering both the probability and impact of undesired events. Based on this assessment, our professionals … Read more


Enterprise Risk Management’s information security network vulnerability assessment evaluations provide an in-depth technical security review of the hardware and software components supporting the technical infrastructure of an organization. We use tools to provide the best results, we supplement automated tools, used to assist in the evaluation process, with manual methods and techniques that our experts … Read more


 Identify sensitive information and critical systems. Incorporate NIST Information Security Standards along with local, state, and federal laws, as well as relevant ethical standards. Define organizational security goals and objectives. Set a course for accomplishing those goals and objectives. Ensure that necessary mechanisms for accomplishing the goals and objectives are in place.   The Logic … Read more


Comprehensive, Accurate, and Independent Security Assessments Our assessment strategy rests on basic requirements for system and network security. There are certain characteristics that the network should possess: Security Policy. Networks should have an associated defined security policy that specifies information security requirements (e.g., confidentiality, integrity, availability, auditing, access control, etc.) as well as what users … Read more

Cyber Operations

Eliminate internal and external threats through a Cyber Operations: • Anticipation – Understanding existing vulnerabilities and emerging threats to develop proactive contingency plans for responding in network time—seconds and minutes—to a cyber-event. • Awarness – Implementing automated systems and processes to provide a complete, accurate, real-time understanding of the health and status of networks. • … Read more

Cyber Security

Comprehensive Security Administration Services Rapier’s Cyber Security Administration Services include: Policy and Planning Disaster Recovery and COOP Operations Management Budget Management Governance & Risk Management Vulnerability Assessment Training Security of New Technologies (Cloud & Mobility) Improving Cybersecurity through Acquisition   Security Operations Center Solutions Centralized management that reduces and mitigates risk of the security infrastructure … Read more


Comprehensive Risk Management Framework: Benefits Benefits Rapier Brings •ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 Certified •Rapier’s Business is a Culture of Professional Engineers/IT/IA/RMF Experts •Process Improvement is the key to our success •Quality of Product •No rework CIO’s and Directors •Standardize IA language across the Federal government •Efficient enterprise management of IA •Potential cost saving by … Read more

Enterprise design, interaction, & consolidation

Since pervasive network access depends upon an architectural approach, technology selection should be based upon a vendor’s ability to deliver enterprise coverage, open standards, and expandability. Rapier is one consultant firm that fits these needs. Rapier will focus on your organization’s Business Needs and develop the best business strategy process for you business. Rapier’s application … Read more

Network Support

Computer networks increases workplace efficiency and productivity. At Rapier, our professionals understand the importance of keeping networks systems up to date. We regularly upgrade software packages and provide network security from outside attacks allowing our customers to focus on what really matters: their bottom line. Rapier Solutions is the foremost provider in network and WAN/LAN/Campus … Read more