Rapiers’ business model is built to support two principal objectives:

  1. To aid clients in succeeding in delivering business value by becoming more efficient and competitive through the use of business insight and information technology (IT) solutions; and
  2. To provide long-term Return On Investment to stakeholders.

In support of these objectives, the business model has been developed over time through strategic investments in services and technologies that have the best long-term growth and profitability prospects based on the value they deliver to our clients.

Furthermore, Rapier is committed to its employees and the communities in which it operates Rapier is an award-winning Government Contractor. Rapier provides Diversified Services to both the Civilian and Defense markets,including Information Technology Services, Acquisition Support, Facilities Management Support, Security and Intelligence Services.



For more information, please contact our office at 704.321.2271, 704.321.7276